What to do when your Apple TV Remote isn’t working

Apple TV remotes not working? Depending on which type of Apple TV you have, there are two general remote controls for them. The new version is equipped with a built-in Siri based voice activation and web browsing devices. Even though they’re pretty durable, you can still run into occasional issues. We are going to take an in-depth look at the various reasons surrounding any trouble you might be having with your new Apple TV remote not working, along with some ways to solve the problem.

Apple TV error: Apple TV not working? That’s what you should do!

Let’s start out with the most obvious ones first. Begin by replacing the batteries in the remote controller if you’re unsure of the last time you’ve done so. Also, make sure that there are no obstacles which may be blocking the infrared sensor located at the front of your Apple TV. We wish they’d used an RF sensor instead of the IR one, that way your TV would be able to communicate better with the remote. It would have made our lives so much easier.

Check and see if the Apple TV remote is responding with the television unit itself. When there’s a sequence of three consecutive flashes then your TV has been set up with another remote control. If you press different buttons on the keypad of the remote control and the indicator blinks but is not activating your TV set, Try matching up your Apple TV and remote together, from there proceed to go into the settings for pairing them up.

Apple TV not Working: Siri Remote

When using a Siri remote and suddenly find that Apple TV remote is not working then, press the menu and volume up buttons simultaneously in order to reset it. This process will get the remote back to pairing mode, helping to reset it. You can also try restarting your Apple TV by taking the remote and pushing the menu and down buttons. Go ahead and unplug your TV unit from the wall outlet if that does not work. Allow at least six minutes to pass by before plugging it back in. This procedure usually will do the trick. When you see an exclamation mark within a triangle upon your TV screen or if the indicator light is not flashing, chances are you’ll need to change the Apple remote batteries.


Apple TV 4 Remote not Working: Siri Remote

For Apple TV 4 Siri remote which is not making a connection, go to your local retailer and pick up a USB-C cable along with doing a factory restore on your Apple TV 4 through iTunes.

Problems Which May Occur With a Siri Remote

There have been several complaints about the calibration speed of the new Siri remote. Even though you’re unable to make adjustments with the sensitivity, you can still change the scrolling speed. Which is usually present for a medium default. In order to get it to go faster or slower, proceed to settings, choosing (Remotes & Devices). In most cases, this tends to solve the problem, especially when you’re having difficulties inputting various characters on the onscreen keypad. More helpful tips on selecting characters on your onscreen keypad: to reach the end of the alphabet, swiping harder on the Apple TV touchpad and you can zoom the “cursor” across either side of the screen.

Apple TV not working: if it still not work this is what you should do!

If you are still not having any luck getting the remote to respond, it’s probably time to get the (Genius Bar) to take a look at it. However, while waiting to get the issue solved, Apple TV can be controlled with your iPad and iPhone devices. There’s a key which ensures that you’ve got the home sharing set up as well as being connected to the same wi-fi network.

  • Using the remote app to your home’s same wi-fi connection, proceed to connect your iPhone or iPad device.
  • On your Apple television set, click on settings —> General —> Remotes —> Remote App
  • Once prompted, put in your same Apple identification code and password which you use for Home Sharing.
  • From there proceed to open up the remote app on your iOS device.
  • Now select the Apple TV from the settings screen.

This usually takes a couple of minutes in order to properly pair the app with your Apple TV. Utilizing your iOS device for controlling the television set. We wish you the best of luck in getting your Apple TV remote working properly. And welcome any comment that you’d like to share.

David Avino

David Avino

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