The Next Release of Suikoden 6

Suikoden is a series of games (Suikoden games) which has been released up to the 5th edition. If you are a fan of Suikoden, you can’t wait for the release of Suikoden 6 and neither of us can. Read on to find out about its next version soon. We have both the good and bad news regarding the release of the series.

Suikoden games

It has been a year since the first rumors of the 6th edition Suikoden games coming soon came out, but so far there is no confirmation about the date of release. Suikoden lovers have eagerly waited for the announcement about its release. This delayed announcement about when it will be released has made most people sad since it was famous.
The first rumors announcements about the release of Suikoden 6 were made in 2015. It created lots of hope in Suikoden lovers. There was a tiny detail that Suikedon lover might have missed, the fact that the announcement was made on first of April which is a fool’s day. It was the first time the rumors surfaced to the internet. Hence this news was worth nothing.

Suikoden games

The 2nd edition of Suikoden games

The 2nd edition of Suikedon games featured games that were played in play station and became very popular. It is regarded as the strongest amongst all the series. Nevertheless, there are rumors that it did not meet the profit expectation of the investors. The latest Suikedon which was released in 2005 is rated as the weakest amongst all the series.

People have entirely depended on Konani to release the Suikedon because it has almost full ownership of the intellectual right to the games that have featured in previous Suikoden version. Konani has decided to no longer make AAA games and is now focusing on the mobile market; a decision that has angered lots of Suikedon’s lovers.
Below are the promising signs that Suikoden 6 is coming soon. Read further for more insight.Read also on free Games like Counter-Strike.Konani has disbanded the Suikoden development team which has caused a surge of interest, and some people are exasperated and full of pure rage. The development team has coalesced into what is being called the Suikoden Revival movement. Suikoden consumers are putting pressure on Konani to sell the intellectual property to a development company.

Suikoden company

The new company should be able to add new installment of the Suikoden phenomenon. But the question most people are asking themselves is; if this is possible or when it will happen if it is not now. Though the chances of releasing Suikoden 6 is bleak, pressure from fans through the movement that demands its revival might bear fruits.

This revival movement is an important reason why people need to wait for Konani to release Suikoden for ps4 and some people are saying Suikoden for PC will be available.

Until now there is no denial or confirmation of the possibility of the sale of these intellectual properties but the movement is still growing. If you are willing to join the campaign, you can follow them on their Facebook page for more details.
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