How to open Keynote on PC

The era of modernization and information technology has made the world a global village. The world has advanced to such an extent that there are a lot of options to create the presentations. There is a gradual change over the years since Powerpoint had always been used for the purpose of presentations in colleges, business meetings, schools…But now there is a Keynote Apple Program which performs a similar role. With the help of the Keynote Apple Program, the presentations are made in the form of .key files which are saved in the Apple devices, for example, the Apple iPad, and the Apple Mac. If the presentation is available in the form of .key file it can be opened in the Windows Powerpoint.

However, certain steps have to be followed which are discussed below.

How to open Keynote on PC

If Apple Mac is the device being used the then following information should be kept in consideration:

  • The Keynote files are saved as .key whereas the Powerpoint files are saved as .ppt or .pptx. Thus, first of all, “Export” the Keynote presentation to the Powerpoint document. The first option to select is “File”, the second option is to select “ Export to” and finally “Presentation” and that’s it.
  • If the presentation has been made on the iPad then it can be emailed to the work account for the relevant conversion. If however, the presentation is received by someone who has an Apple Mac or an Apple iPad, then it can be asked to them to save the relevant presentation as a ppt file in order to open it easily on the Microsoft Windows.

How to open Keynote on PC: iPad!

If Apple iPad is the device being used the then following information should be kept in consideration:

The entire process of opening keynote on pc can be completed in six simple steps which include using the share button from the presentation manager, selecting the option “Send a Copy”. Then choosing the relevant document which needs to be converted, then choosing the format for the Powerpoint files which is .ppt or .pptx and then selecting the relevant option for sending the required file which could either be DropBox, there is also the option of Mail, and then the final step is completed with the sending.

How to open Keynote file on PC in Powerpoint: Convert Keynote to powerpoint

In order to open the .key, keynote file in the Powerpoint, the following information should be kept in consideration:

  • iCloud is an amazing option which makes the options quite flexible for the users. With the help of the iCloud, it is possible to use the work done in the Apple devices on the Windows PC. A supported browser is installed which makes it easier to transfer the files from the Keynote iCloud to the Windows PC making it possible to get the relevant Powerpoint files.
  • An important point should be noted here that the Keynote from the iCloud only assists and supports in opening the files which are in the format of .pptx and not in the .ppt format., Also iCloud Drive has to be used with an upgraded version of the iCloud.

All that is required is to visit the and perform the relevant steps. and iWork also assist in the conversion of .key files into the required format of Powerpoint.

How to Convert keynote to Powerpoint

In order to do it, first of all:

The website should be visited and then there is a need to sign in by entering the required information. It is very important to have an Apple id otherwise this task might not be carried out. Thus, first of all, make an Apple id if there is none and keep a password.

The next Step Involves:

Selecting the Keynote, once logged in. Then the presentation can be uploaded from the Settings. It is important to note that the presentation, which has been uploaded needs to be double-clicked in order to have a copy downloaded. The next step involves downloading a copy and the final step involves using the relevant file as a regular Powerpoint file on the Windows PC. It is also vital to note that this particular Powerpoint presentation can be converted back into the Keynote file format.

Step by Step Guide to Convert Keynote to Powerpoint

  • It is also possible to simply use the iCoud for the presentation rather than going through the hassle of Download and Export. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is likely to be a change in the fonts so these should be used in accordance.
  • It is also possible to connect the projector to the iPad in order to give the Presentation. It is also possible to convert the Microsoft PowerPoint files into the Keynote files format. The technological advancement has provided more options to the Keynote.

Open Powerpoint file on the Keynote

It is very easy to open Keynote presentation on PC since all one need to do is to select the option of importing the Powerpoint presentation on their Apple Mac Keynote Program. The best thing about the Keynote is that all the kind of formats for Powerpoint like .pptx, Office 97 and even .ppt can be opened. In order to upload a Powerpoint file into the Keynote file on the iCloud all one need to do is, open the relevant iCloud account, select the option of a keynote. Choose the option of: “Upload Presentation” after dragging the relevant file in the presentation manager which is required to be uploaded.

The relevant file is required to be located on the kind of system being used, which can be Apple Mac or Windows PC. Finally, the file will be there on the Keynote for the iCloud. It is also possible to open the Powerpoint presentation on the iPad. iPad has an automatic option to convert the relevant file. After selecting the relevant file by tapping it and then selecting the share button. A message is likely to pop up giving information about the file, the versions or anything that it doesn’t support. It appears that the power of information technology has made everything so connected. It’s very much like living in a global village where all the devices are not only connected. But there is also a possibility to convert the data.

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David Avino

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