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Kik for PC: Kik Messenger, a messaging app developed in 2009 by a company in Waterloo, Ontario, has quietly risen to fame as one of the most commonly used apps by teens in the U.S. today. Totally over 300 million users, it’s little surprise to hear that Kik Messenger is one of the most consistently searched-for apps. Over 50% of Kik users use the app to share new content daily, making it a regularly occurring app in just about any smartphone.

How to download Kik for PC

However, what if you don’t have a smartphone? Or even more common, what if you simply want to use a cross-platform messenger service? For the many people who use Kik regularly, it can be annoying to switch between your PC and your phone to get consistent updates. Thanks to programs like Bluestacks Android, an Android emulator you can download straight to your PC, there are finally options to get your Kik messages on your computer.

Kik for PC: What is Kik?

For those who aren’t familiar, Kik is a messaging system used widely on iOS and Android devises. Much like their competitors Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, Kik can be used to message individual contacts as well as groups. There are multiple options to connect with your friends on the messaging mega-app. While there is an option to search for an individual with their username or cell phone number (something that they’ll set up when they create their account), you can also search by scanning a specific Kik code. The app has become quite popular for those looking for a text message alternative.

While Kik does feel similar to texting applications on your phone, the app relies solely on your smartphone’s data or WiFi connection to send messages. It has also become popular as a simple alternative to email chatting.

Kik for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7

For those looking to use Kik on their PC, one of the most versatile options is to use an Android emulator. Simply put, an Android emulator will allow your computer to act as an Android device. This will allow you to run a variety of Android applications straight from your PC, including the ever-popular Kik. This way, you won’t lose any features and you’ll even be able to keep the format you love.
While there are a variety of Android emulators you can use, our favorite is Andyroid, a program known for its high functionality and unrivaled stability.

For this guide, we’ll be using Andyroid to download Kik Messenger on your PC. Once you download and setup Andyroid, the process of getting Kik up and running should only take about 10 minutes. And remember, this entire process is completely free of charge! There’s no extra cost to use your PC to message your friends on Kik Messenger.

Download Kik Messenger for PC

Step One

As mentioned above, your first step will be to download Android for your PC. This is a relatively simple process and can be done from their official website. Once you land on, you’ll notice a download link in the top bar of their website.

Once you click on their link, the download should start right away; although, that will depend on your individual setup.

Step Two

Once your file has downloaded, locate the file on your computer. The install application is typically located in your Downloads folder; however, this does depend on your configuration. A simple search through your PC should bring Android right up. After you’ve found and opened the install program, you’ll immediately be asked to confirm a few details.

After confirming that you want to install the program, the install should start.

Step Three

It should only take a few moments for the emulator to install on your computer. After the install is complete, it should open a new screen on your computer. For those familiar with smartphones, this will look familiar. Click on the Google Play icon in the bottom right of your screen, and we can progress to finally downloading your Kik app.

Step Four

Once you’ve opened up the Google Play icon, you’ll be asked to enter the information for your Google Play account. Afterward, it will ask you to log into your Gmail account in order to sync your information with Android. For those with an Android phone with Kik installed already, the app should transfer right over after you complete this step, along with a variety of other details downloaded on your phone. Otherwise, just type “Kik Messenger” into the search bar in the Google Play store. Once you see Kik in the search results, simply click and install it.

Step Five

After you’ve downloaded the app, just double click on the app and follow the instructions on the screen. From this point, you’ll be able to use your PC to send and receive Kik messages to your heart’s content.

Rather Use Bluestacks?

For those who don’t like Android, there are a few other options out there for you. Luckily, there are a variety of guides online, including the video linked below. For those looking for a thorough guide on using Bluestacks to install Kik on your PC, this is an amazing reference.

Downloading Kik on your Mac

For those of us who prefer Apple products over Android or Windows, there is also a variety of ways to download Kik for use on your computer. While there are messaging apps available through the Mac App Store, Kik is not one of them. For those who want the versatility and freedom Kik offers, take a look at the download and install instructions below. Overall, the procedure shouldn’t take much longer than a few minutes.

Step One

Download Bluestacks to your Mac. This can easily be done from their website

Step Two

Once you’ve downloaded your program, it should be saved as an install file in your downloads folder, depending entirely on your personal configuration. For those having trouble finding the install, try searching for it in your Finder.
Once you locate your file, the install is just a click away.

After agreeing to the terms of use and confirming your information, the installation process should finish up.

Now, you have Bluestacks installed on your Mac. Bluestacks is one of the top-rated Android emulators, and it’s through this that we’ll install Kik.

Step Three

Once Bluestacks opens, the screen should look familiar. Open up the Google Play Store in Bluestacks and search for the Kik Messenger app. Usually, this is one of the first results.

Step Four

Once you have Kik installed in your Android emulator, you’ll be prompted to log in.

This will be the same login credentials you use for the application on your phone.

Alternatively, you can also make a whole new account for those who are new to the program.

After these four steps, you’ll be well on your way to chatting cross-platform with your friends!

Remember that there will most likely be instances where Bluestacks will crash and need to be reopened, as Kik was not designed to be used on a Mac or PC.

Try taking a look at the Bluestacks help forums or FAQs if you need some help in stabilizing your program. Sometimes it’s just a few simple changes to your settings that will allow your app to run under optimized conditions.

Kik for PC: Is Kik Safe to Use?

If you’re new to Kik, one of the growing concerns has been the safety of this application, especially on PC. While there have been rumors churning out about programs trying to steal personal information from this application, the accusations are largely false.

Kik is developed by a company that takes your safety and personal information incredibly seriously. Any data leaks that may occur are not from the Kik application itself but may be linked to users not following the advised safety precautions. Be sure to take a look at some safety advice listed below to know how to remain safe while on the internet: Make sure your passwords are complex. Try not to reuse your passwords and make them as complex as you can, using a variety of alphanumeric characters.

It’s often advised you try a password manager to help create and store your important passwords. Never share personal information online. With social media being built off of oversharing, it can be easy to reveal too much personal information online.

Be selective in what you share with others.

Sometimes, this information can be used to guess your passwords and login credentials. Consider protective software. With brands like McAfee offering mobile antivirus, there are options to protect all of your devices against malware. Consider purchasing complete security software packages to protect all your devices.

Kik for PC: Kik update

  1. Keep your devices up to date. Always keep your software up to date.
  2. Download security patches for your computer and always update your phone’s OS when a new version is available.

Often, these have the leading protective software included in them.

The Many Features Available on Kik

If you’re using Kik for the first time, sometimes the features offered can feel a little intimidating.

Luckily, Kik is built with simplicity in mind. Once you try out some of the features, you’ll be utilizing them regularly.
The unique features offered by Kik are part of what has made this cross-platform chat such a huge success.

Ultimately, Kik hosts the largest arsenal of features among competitors.

It regularly tops Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and many other competitors in customer satisfaction, features, and ease of use. Moreover, all of these features are available in just a few clicks, eliminating the need to search through settings to locate the function you need.

Check out the features below to find out exactly what’s included in your new Kik app:

Kik for PC: Kik features/ Kik review

Photo sharing.

While most might know of Kik as a messaging service, it also has amazing capabilities as a photo sharing app.

One of the characteristics that put Kik ahead of competitors is its seamless ability to combine photo sharing and text messaging.

Unique to Kik, you can actually take and share photos without ever leaving your chat window.

For easy access to taking a photo and sharing it within seconds, there is a button on your keyboard within the application.

For those who want a bit more control with their camera, there is also an option to take a photo in full screen before sending it in a chat message.

Try tapping the enlarge button in the top right of your screen to go full screen.
Sending gifs.

One of the biggest hits on the internet in recent years has been memes and gifs. With literally thousands being made daily, there’s always a new gif to share.

While typically you need to search on a separate application for your favorite gifs and memes, KIK has taken an approach to streamline the process.

Now, the Kik application will be able to understand the context of your conversation and make suggestions for gifs you might want to use.

For those who are new to memes, this can be a wonderful way to discover more and save your favorites.

Sending a gif with Kik is easier than ever. Just type and wait for suggestions to pop up for you.

Alternatively, if you have your own gifs, you can add them with the attachment button or simply search through the attachment button for the gifs you’d like to add.

Add friends easily.

Part of the difficulty with having such a wildly successful application is that all the good usernames are already gone. When you’re adding a new friend to your chat group, it can be hard to remember a username that 23-characters long and case sensitive.

To combat this growing problem, Kik introduced a fantastic new feature in the app.

The new code scanning interface allows you to add new friends through the click of a button, eliminating the need to even send someone your lengthy username.

While there are a variety of features on Kik, these are three of the biggest game changers.

It may seem intimidating at first, but the features will become second nature once you begin to utilize the application regularly.

Enjoy Chatting with Kik on your PC
After following this guide, you’ll be able to message your friends from all of your devices. Thanks for reading, and be sure to share this article with your friends on social media (Fb and Twitter).

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