How to fix your iPhone Screen goes Black and Unresponsive after Call

How to Fix a Glitchy iPhone Screen after Making a Call or FaceTime

If you’ve got an iPhone, you’ll know they’re no stranger to unexpected glitches. Some of them can seem a bit inexplicable though. For instance, you might have run into the strange bug that occurs when you try to take a call and use apps at the same time.

It has affected most iPhone 6 devices and a proportion of iPhone 7 and 8 models.

What happens is, you answer a call or start chatting on FaceTime, and everything runs as normal. However, when you try to open an app and do something else at the same time, the screen glitches. Only half of the app is displayed, and you can’t interact with it. Tapping on the screen does nothing. So, what’s happening? Why is the iPhone screen black and what can you do to fix it?

iPhone Screen Black and Unresponsive

Well, it’s most likely a bug contained in the iOS 11.1 update. This means until Apple releases a patch, you’ll have to find your own solution.


The Easy Way to get the iPhone Display Back

So, the first thing to try is a full restart. Often, just switching the iPhone off and on is enough to kick it back into action. If this doesn’t work, boot it up and navigate to Settings. Find General, then Accessibility. Toggle the Reduce Motion function to OFF. Don’t forget to save the changes before you navigate back out.

Turn off Reduced Motion on your iPhone

It’s a quick fix, but it seems to work. Try it if your iPhone screen is black or not responding after FaceTime or a phone call. The glitch doesn’t occur when using Skype and you should be safe with other chat apps too.

What Deactivating ‘Reduce Motion’ Does to Your Phone

The Reduce Motion setting is designed to make older iPhones feel a bit faster and more responsive. However, after updates, it can negatively affect some apps and the iMessage tools. Turning it off stops this from happening. You can switch off the iMessage animations too. Not everybody is a fan of these, so it’s a useful change. Just make sure the AutoPlay Message Effects is toggled to OFF.


Why You Should Still Update with iOS 11.1

Update your iPhone to iOS 11

Even with the strange glitch and partially black screen, it’s worth considering the iOS 11.1 update. You’ve got a quick fix now, so it shouldn’t be a persistent problem. Plus, iOS 11.1 extends battery life, particularly when using things like YouTube. Apple has also solved a key vulnerability, so the update will make your phone more secure.  Hopefully, when iOS 11.2 is released, there’ll be a suitable patch, and the glitch won’t be an issue for anybody anymore.

David Avino

David Avino

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