Effective Tips to Fix iPhone flashlight not Working Issue

iphone LED not working

These days, the iPhone is used for taking pictures. The price of the iPhone depends on the camera accompanying the phone. The iPhone captures everything targeted from selfie to panoramic shot. The camera is also recommendable for pretty photos at night. Although its mechanics are not enough to get neat and clear pictures at night, that’s why we have flash! Same as the traditional photographic flash, the iPhone LED flash floods lightens the scene immediately the camera shutter opens to take the image. But also a very dark image can be seen when taking pictures at night but not always. In some cases, the LED flash does not work as required.

iPhone Flashlight Not Working? Try These Fixes

Here are some of the ways to help one in case the flashlight on iPhone not working:

Over the years, most users have experienced problems with their LED flashes. The issues are that the features of the flash do not work well on the iPhone or works intermittently. Most of the users have a problem with their iPhone LED flash not working. To ensure that the users snap all the night time shots and everyone is seen in them clearly, here are some of the ways to make the flash work again.

Step by Step Guide

  • Turn on the lock screen to show the notifications.
  • If your iPhone has a case, remove the casing material.
  • Then, ensure that LED flashlight is turned on for alerts. Also, Do not disturb should be turned off!
  • Remember to close the camera application. The low power mode must also be off.
  • After the above-stated ways, you can now test the flash.

Resolve iPhone LED light Issues

First, open the control center by swiping up on-screen to check the flash LED. A locked screen can also be tested by tapping flashlight icon off then on. If the LED flash doesn’t work as a flashlight, then the following tips should be followed. Turn on the lock screen shown in the notification settings to enable you to access any other message application you may want to see for LED flash notification. Select the app you wish to by first going to settings then notification. Make the ALERTS section show toggle ON.

Then view the settings of the camera’s flash. In case the camera’s flash isn’t responding to your iPhone, that is, it goes off whenever you want to take a photo, then check your camera application settings. Open the camera’s app and take video or picture then tap the lightning bolt icon on the screen to choose a different setting. If still, the LED flash does not work, you can update the iPhone settings either Auto, on, or off or are highlighted in orange. When the settings are already auto selected, one can change to either ON or OFF, depending on what you want.

How to Fix if LED Flash for Alerts not Working?

Make sure that your iPhone top casing is removed before taking into account the steps listed below, as the case may block some or all the LED flash and even the back camera of the iPhone. By taking some of your time, check the iPhone to ensure that anything does not block the LED flash and the camera lens.

  • The first step is to check the iPhone settings to make sure that the parameters are appropriately set.
  • Make sure that the Alerts for LED flash are turned on. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility
  • The second step is to lock the iPhone up as this features works when the iPhone is locked. Make sure the screen is dark.
  • Lock the iPhone using the side button then try working out.
  • The Do-Not-Disturb (DND) settings should be off to make sure that the LED Alerts features work.
  • The same as the airplane mode. By making sure that the DND and airplane mode is well-set, swipe the button upwards from the bottom of the phone.
  • The LED Flash of the iPhone does not work together with Do Not Disturb when switched ON.
  • If the flash/camera application is open, close them.
  • The app is closed by swiping it upward or depending on the information given by the manufacturer.
  • Then restart the iPhone to test the function of LED Flash.

What to do in an ‘iPhone torch not working’ State

The iPhone should be good as LED Flash can’t work when iPhone has overheated due to usage. When the iPhone is overworked, that is, taking a lot of pictures and videos while the flash is on or in a hot environment, the flash may be disabled automatically and sends a message to alert the user. If the temperature is low and the iPhone is in its normal position, then the message disappears. Lastly, the settings of the low power mode should be checked and make sure that it’s OFF and then try to work with LED Flash. The function of the flash may be affected and not work when the low power mode is ON. The settings can be checked by going to Settings then Battery and lastly power mode.

After applying the steps mentioned above and still the flash does not work well, and the cameras iPhone is checked, then one can restore the iPhone. If none of the methods given above works including restoring, then the problem could be the hardware of the iPhone. Readers have reported that success of the iPhone can be gained by firmly pressing around the LED flash on the back by gripping between the front and the rear of the iPhone.

If you try the tips given earlier, then caution should be taken, since pressing the iPhone too hard can cause damage and is not noticeable until something fails in the iPhone. Pressing the iPhone is risky. You can seek assistance from Apple supporters if the LED flash doesn’t work as a flashlight. You can also swipe from camera to video then back to the camera since it has worked with others. One can also enable LED flash by doing full restoration through iTunes. Using other people camera application can help solve the problem. Forceful closure of the cameras application and launching it has worked out well. Swipe the iPhone screen across and open the camera application to Slo-Mo settings. The camera starts working and shows the view onscreen.


When the shows are viewed on the screen, you can swipe back to the regular camera and take as many photos as you may want.

David Avino

David Avino

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