What to do when iCloud Backup Won’t Turn On

iCloud Backup Problem: How to resolve a problem related to iCloud backup.

Are you experiencing some problems with your iCloud backup?

Well, the problem could be that iCloud backup will not turn on or it is showing the wrong user space. There are so many troubleshooting methods available for one to use to resolve these issues but if you have used the settings and you have not succeeded then you might think why will my iCloud backup not turn on so here are some of the best ways to incorporate with such problems.

iCloud backup problem: The common iCloud problems

But first, let us review some of the problems related to iCloud.

  • The iCloud may be showing unknown data which range up to 3.51 GB and yet they are not accessible on the iDevice such as the iPhone, iPad and also the iCloud.
  • The iDevice like an iPad may be showing that you don’t have enough space, but after rerunning the backup, the device ends up showing some space that is remaining.
  • The iCloud backup may sometimes fail to delete the errors that occur on the iDevice.

If you own an iDevice, chances of getting the above-listed errors are quite high, but the good news is that you can efficiently resolve them with the use of the following solutions.

How to resolve the iCloud backup errors.

In the case where the iPad shows that your data storage space is limited let’s say 3.3 GB, you can resolve this problem by deleting the backup first and then turn your iCloud off. To create more space, you can run a full backup on your PC and then delete all the apps that were taking too much space on the iCloud. This action creates space by ensuring that these apps have been eliminated from the iCloud apps. You can back up your device using other platforms such as the Gmail, Facebook and also Whatsapp.

Other Solutions

Aside from the above solutions, you can also utilize the following methods to resolve your iCloud backup issues. You can back up your third-party apps and the essential documents on a PC through iTunes.

How my iCloud backup will not turn on?

Click on the Apps tab, select the third party apps one at a time and back them. Note that once the iCloud problems have been resolved, you can always reinstall the apps and documents from the PC. This process is recommended if you don’t want to lose your essential apps and materials on the PC. The other option requires you to back up your iCloud without the use of the third-party apps. Although this process may delete or overwrite some documents and apps, it is fast and efficient as well.

Note that for all these steps to work out, you have to have an excellent running internet connection.


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