Game Center Not Working

Have you ever opened the game center but suddenly it stops to work even when the game center shows that it is loading it turns out it is not loading? Well, this could be a game bug. The gaming problem mainly occurs in the case where one updates the iOs to the latest version. It is characterized by the screen portraying a white effect rather than the game loading.

Note that this problem related to games mainly affects folks that are still using the iOS9.

Some of the gaming problems that have been reported on the iDevice include;

  1. The device is unable to launch the game center
  2. White screen on the launch
  3. One being unable to log into the game and the game center causing crashing as well.

How to fix the problems? – Game center not working?

Follow those Steps on how to fix the problem!

It is advisable that you try to restart or force a restart on the device to see if the gaming will function. Steps on how to restart…..

  • Press the sleep and wake button until the red slider icon appears on the screen.
  • Drag the slider and turn the device off.
  • Then once the invention goes off, presses the sleep mode again until the machine starts back and shows the Apple logo.

Steps on how to force a restart.

  • Hold both the speed and power buttons for a while until the apple logo appears. Then repeat the process of restarting.
    Game center in iOS 10 and above.
  • If you realize that the iOS game center not working as required, you can efficiently resolve the issue with the iOS9.

How to fix the game center with iOs 9.

  • Go to settings, select a game center, followed by your Apple ID.
  • Sign out and sign in again to see if the service is working.

Restart the device.

You can also resolve the game center issue by either restarting or forcing a restart of the app.

How to restart.

  1. Press the sleep and the home buttons at ones until the apple logo appears.
  2. Go to settings > select general settings.
  3. Change the date and time and then turn on the settings automatically.

If the above tips do not work for you, you can try other methods like the latest versions of iOS. Make sure to back up your device to avoid losing the critical data. Use iCloud or iTunes to back up your data. Another important detail to remember when carrying out this process is the restart of the device. Always make sure to restart your iDevice before you update the iOs. Go to settings, general setting option and then go to software update. You will be provided with apps that are available for you to update on your device. This action only happens when the device is connected to an internet connection, and there should be enough power as well.

Other things to look out for when Updating your Device.

If an error message occurs when you try to update the device using the WIFI, and you don’t have enough space for updating, delete some apps from the device manually or use iTunes to create space on the device.
Then sign in and out of the device after the restart process.
Other options.

The other useful method that one can use to resolve this problem include;
  • Switch off all the apps that are active on your device, and switch on the airplane mode.
  • Then switch off the device using the normal process.
  • Wait for a few seconds or a minute and then power on the device.
  • Go to settings, and then choose the game center.
  • Log out of the game center.
  • Then restart the machine once again.
  • Turn on the device and make sure to switch off the airplane mode to activate the devices’ apps.
  • Turn on your WIFI and go to the game center to see if the problem has been solved.
  • If this does not help, use the following steps to solve the same;
  • Restart the iPad.
  • Turn off the WIFI connection.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth
  • Leave the device standing for a while and do not touch the screen.
  • Then open the stock app followed by the home button.
  • Then hold the calendar icon until it wiggles and leaves it to wiggle for a few seconds.
  • Press the home button again.
  • Then lastly restart the device.

For you to use the restore option, you have to make sure that you back up the apps and other data on your device to avoid losing it. This is important because the process requires you to erase all the content and reset it again. Or instead, you can opt to set up the device new and then sign into the game center. Also, make sure to verify that the app is working by testing some games on the apps. Then restore your previous backups on the device.

David Avino

David Avino

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