Download FaceTime for PC

Download FaceTime: FaceTiming is a trend which has replaced skyping in a significant way.

Download FaceTime for PC

This article is going to take you to step by step on how you can download your facetime app on the PC. Initially, this is an app designed for Apple devices, but with the aid of the listed software, you can as well access it from your PC. Some of the features that make face timing to be available include; quick sync of contacts, review of the past calls, HD video calling, Widescreen aspect ratio, and many others.

How to Download FaceTime for Windows

Requirements for downloading face time on PC.

  1. You must have a PC with Windows 7 XP, 8 and also 10.
  2. The RAM should have a memory space of up to 2 GB or more.
  3. To download FaceTime for PC window 10, you must have webcam support.
  4. There should be enough and quick internet accessibility.

Other things to keep in mind in installing facetime app on the PC include:

  • The FaceTime App can be smoothly run on the windows machine with ease.
  • You cannot be able to run the app on Android phones, but some devices do access with the use of Google Hangout since it is the best alternative.
  • You can also opt for audio calls using webcam support.
  • The app uses the data on your phone to make both the video and the audio calls which means that it is free to download.

How to get the FaceTime App on your Windows Computer.

Since the app is solely designed for direct installing it on the iDevices, you have to use other software when you want to get on the PC. Well, the most recommended software to use when downloading the app on the PC is the Blue stack software.
Steps to follow;

  1. First off download and install blue stack software on your device.
  2. Download the FaceTime up file from the installed Blue stack app.
  3. Double click the downloaded app and then install it on the PC.
  4. There will be instructions that you will be required to follow to get the app running on the PC.

Therefore, you don’t need to have a Smartphone to enjoy face timing since a PC or laptop can be used for the same purposes.

FaceTime for Windows.

Even if you are using the face time app on a PC or windows, the results and features are just the same with someone using it on an Apple device. Some of the features that are found on the face time app are;

Allows you to Multitask.

The App does not limit you to doing one thing a time. Meaning, you can still browse or do other things on your phone as you even video or audio chat with your friends. All you have to do is tap the video icon in the corner of the screen to be able to access other features on the device.

Freedom to Control.

With face timing, you can set the calls according to your preferences. For example, you can pause, mute, or even stop the streaming of the video depending on the kind of call or person you are communicating with.

Reliable for Apple users.

Since the app was designed for Apple users, you can efficiently convert an ongoing call to a video call without any issues or difficulties at any given time. Speed in functioning. It is quite easy to access the app on your device plus the fact that it allows you to access other features and apps on your device makes it even better to work with.

FaceTime and PC.

Therefore is no original; FaceTime app that is specifically designed for use on the PC, that is the reason one is supposed to use other software apps to be able to install it on the PC. The original version of face time is available for iOS and Apple devices.

FaceTime Updates

20th June 2016: Although initially this app was designed to be used on iOS devices, now with the aid of some software you can use it on a PC as well. This was first tested in 2016.21st July 2017: There are new features that have been invented by the iOS brand and face time has not been left behind in the inventions. This new feature was launched in July 2017.

Steps on How to use FaceTime on PC.

It is not difficult using a facetime app on the PC since the process is as the same as when using a phone. First, install the Android emulator on your device to be able to download the FaceTime App. After installing the Android emulator, search for face time app on the search options and click on it. Install your facetime app on the android emulator and fill in the details that you will be asked for. Some of these details include the email address, and also the password.

Once you have clicked ok, a list of all the phone numbers on your phone are displayed on the screen. Search for the phone number and the email of the person you want to call and then click on their email address to make the call. Once you are done with your chat, tap on the screen, and an option with disconnect call will appear. Then click on that option to turn off the chat. When chatting makes sure your microphone icon is on to make sure that your friend can hear you well. In case it appears to be red, know it is disconnected.

Frequently asked questions. Q&A

Q: Is FaceTime free?
A: FaceTime if free since it only requires you to have an internet connection.
Q: How do I use face time on an iPad?
A: For you to be able to access face time on iPad, you will need to have a WIFI connection all the time.
Q: How do I access to face time on iPhone 5?
A: Facetime requires to be enabled on a device since it is not an app.
Q: How can I add people on face time?
A: All the contacts on your phone will automatically be added to the face time as long you have saved all their details.


If you don’t have an iDevice, you can still face time with your friends using your PC, just download an Android emulator and ensure you have a WIFI connection to get the app running.

David Avino

David Avino

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