Troubleshooting AppleTV: The Airplay Icon Is Missing From iPhone

If you’re used to seeing the Airplay Icon for your Apple TV appear on your iPhone or other Apple device, and then suddenly you found Airplay icon missing on mac, don’t worry, simply try out the following troubleshooting fixes.

Enable AirPlay on your Apple TV

Start by checking to ensure that AirPlay is enabled on your Apple TV. To check to go to “Settings,” then click on AirPlay. There you can toggle between enabling and disabling AirPlay on the TV.

Connect to Wireless Network

Both your Apple TV and Apple device need to be connected to the same wireless network in order to communicate properly. Check to make sure they are connected to the same network.

Connect Devices with AirPlay

Only supported devices can connect to AirPlay. Of course, only Apple devices will work with an Apple TV. However, many older Apple devices will not work with AirPlay on your Apple TV. Devices that are supported and will connect to AirPlay include 4th generation or later iPhone, 4th generation or later iPod, 2011 or more recent iMac and Mac mini, and 2013 or later MacBook Pro. Also, only the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV will be compatible with AirPlay.

AirPlay Issues

Check for update

Make sure that the software on your Apple TV and Apple device are both up-to-date. You can update your Apple TV and device by going to “Settings,” then clicking on “General.” From there select “Update Software.”

Restart your Apple TV

You may need to restart your Apple TV by navigating to “Settings,” then clicking on “General,” then “Restart.”

Restart your Router

The issue may have nothing to do with your Apple TV or Apple devices, rather it may be an issue with your Wi-Fi router or internet provider. Start by restarting your router. If this doesn’t work, contact your network provider to make sure that they are not having connection issues in your area.

Restart your Apple iOS device

You may need to restart your Apple iOS device by navigating to “Settings,” then clicking on “General,” then “Restart.”

If none of these fixes work, contact Apple customer support to speak with a tech expert who can give troubleshooting advice for your specific situation.

David Avino

David Avino

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